Dr. Mallory Lovett

Dr. Lovett grew up in Dartmouth Nova Scotia where she attended Dalhousie University in the Bachelor of Science program, majoring in Biology. She then attended Pennsylvania College of Optometr​y at Salus University, graduating with a Doctor of Optometry and receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Visual Science.
Dr. Lovett is specialty trained in the field of vision therapy and vision rehabilitation. She was selected to be one of the few private practice vision therapy residents in the US and completed this residency at Appelbaum Eye Care Associates, PC in Bethesda, MD. During this residency she gained experience in the diagnosis and treatment of binocular vision and visual perceptual disorders, working with a wide variety of patients of all ages including those with traumatic brain injury and patients with austism spectrum disorders.
In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as traveling when time allows.